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July 08, 2016


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Bill Heppner

I have multiple PDK3000 access controllers installed at our church. One door has received numerous complains of intermittent no access. All doors programed the same. Multiple cards affected. Unit does decode all cards with beep & green light EVERY time but no voltage to electric strike intermittently, monitored at PDK3000, when it fails to energize strike. Verified voltage is present when it works as expected. Multiple successive attempts will produce successful access but intermittent failure. Failure rate approximately 50% but random. Weather conditions dry, temperature range 45-80 degrees. Ideas?? Thanks, Bill

Andy Phelps

Bill, The first thing that I would verify is that there are no wire breaks leading to the locking device. If there are no breaks and the unit is under warranty, then have it replaced.
I would also pull an audit trail and see if there is any thing that shows a possible cause.

Andy Phelps, CRL

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