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October 01, 2016


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Marc Kayem

Can anyone help me? I have been unable to start my Alarm Lock program, and keep getting the error message "Unable to load database". I am using version 5.4.2, and have used it many times on my laptop. In the past, when I got that error, I would just reboot and it would work. I have now rebooted 3 times, and I keep getting that error. What can I do to be able to load the program, and prevent this from happening in the future?

Andy Phelps

What has happened is that SQL Services has stopped running. This can happen from time to time especially in Windows 10. I have sent instructions on how to restart SQL Services to the email that is connected to the comment form.


Having same problem as above. Please post the solution. Thanks

Diane Keep

Same issue with 5.4.2, Unable to load database.. Just successfully loaded the software, and am unable to launch due to this error. Rebooted several times; uninstalled, reinstalled software. Running Windows 10.
Thanks for some help.

Karen B

Having same issue unable to load database. Rebooted several times. Please send or post instructions.

Father James Dean

I have the DL-Windows version 5.4.2, but it came with the user's guide to v 4.0. Where can I find the correct user's guide to download??

Andy Phelps, CRL

Inside the downloaded folder is the version 5 manual. The name of the file is:

Paul Xiong

Andy Phelps,

I am also having issues with the "Unable to load database." I just updated to 5.4.2 from 5.2.3. Your help is much appreciated.

Shannon Kallaker

Hello. Same problem as the above. Can't load database. Please send me the instructions to fix it. Thank you for your help! This has been a really great system for my business.

Courtney Greiner

I am also having this issue. Please help.

Anne Schenk

Same here. Appreciate any assistance.

Anne Schenk

I was able to fix this using information found here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/database-engine/configure-windows/start-stop-pause-resume-restart-sql-server-services#SSCMProcedure

Tina Mion

We are in the process of installing locks and setting up DL Windows software. My question regards setting up Groups and Group Assignments. Page 29 of the User's Guide shows a "Set Group Assignment" button, but we don't have that feature on our screen. Can anyone explain why and what we need to do next?

Andy Phelps, CRL

In the Global Users screen at the bottom below the Users list, there is a button named "Assign Groups". This is where you set the groups.
Highlight a users name in the list and then click on the Assign Groups button.
The "Set Group Assignment" is in the older versions of DL Windows. Version 5 has the new button.

Deborah Plattsmier

Thanks for your prompt response, Andy!
Setting up "Groups" is not going to work for us (we need more than 4). We are having difficulty using Schedules/Events to set up the access we need. Is there an end-user/customer help line we can call?

Andy Phelps, CRL

There are a couple of ways that you can get instruction on schedules. You can go to the link below and either register for a live webinar or watch a recorded session.


You can also contact GoKeyless.com as they offer end user tech support.

Rich Wierzchon

I have DL Windows v5.2.3. I seem to have maxed out the number of Global Users I can enter in the database. What is the maximum number of entries allowed? What can I do to add more users? We're a private school so we have lots of parents.


Andy Phelps, CRL

DL Windows can manage up to 10,000 users in the Global Users screen. There are 100 empty spaces by default. If you right click on one of the lines in the Users List, then scroll down to the bottom of the pop up, click on "Add a block of empty slots to the list". Enter the number of slots you wish to add, up to the maximum number listed, and this will add more slots.


Andy, I have a client who has installed ver 5.4.2 on a laptop. She installed it using a "admin" account, but would like others that login to this laptop access to the program also.
Is this possible? Can she do it without having to grant "admin" rights to everyone using the program?

Please let me know.



Having same trouble as many others can’t get database to load for underlying provider faults I have made sure sql server is running still nothing please help

Andy Phelps, CRL

What version of the software are you running? I need more information as well. Please email me.


How can a "non-admin" Windows 10 user open and run the software? I always have to "run as administrator" to get it to open. Thanks for your help.

Andy Phelps, CRL

That depends on how the software was installed and by whom. If the administrator logged into Windows and then installed the software and did not allow other log ins to access during the installation, then the administrator has the only access. Go to http://tech.napcosecurity.com/index.php/techlibrary/searchresults?q=How+to+Add+Additional+Users+to+the+Alarm+Lock+SQL+Database and download the instructions to have multiple Windows users access the SQL database and open DL Windows.

Steve Doerr

Has anyone seen this error when trying to create an account? v5.4.2 on windows 10

Sorry there was an unexpected error.
One of more errors occurred.
Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

Andy Phelps, CRL

The first thing to try is to create a new database in the "Database Configuration" application. This can be found in the DL Windows 5 folder in your start menu. Leave everything at the top the way it is and just check the box to "Create a new database" then click Next. Don't change any items in the next windows and click Next or Finish. Then try to create an account.

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