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April 11, 2017


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Thanks Andy for your valuable information.Your knowledge sharing post is very effective to prevent external hazards.I must appreciate your sharing on"firmware update".This concept has changed my perceptions. I was simply stumped on choosing the process on the firmware updating.Even tried differently process but failed. I found your article more security experiences in this sector and help to get the creative juices flowing.

Regina Gomez Aldea

Hi Andy,
I'm trying to update our firmware on our locks. Currently, the one I am working on is ETPDLN 61.h to latest 61.l. Problem is that when I try to do this, I experience a communication failure at the lock and at bottom of screen it will say "trying complete update." Do I need to unlink/link this lock on the gateway and have it discovered again? I'm unable to get this lock to communicate. Luckily it's not a very heavily used door but I'm afraid this will happen on other more heavily used doors with ETPDLN lock.

Andy Phelps, CRL

Before you unlink and try to discover again, make sure that the lock is functioning. If the lock did not complete the update of the firmware, it may not default as there would be no firmware in the lock.
Try to resend the firmware to the lock again and it may complete the second time.

Regina Gomez Aldea

Thanks for your reply, Andy. I tried to resend the firmware to the lock again. Still communication failure notice. At the physical lock, the lock appears to be functioning as normal. I'm going to try to plug/unplug the gateway router to see if that gives it a helpful reset. If that doesn't help, I will go to unlinking the lock and put it to discover the lock. Any other insight?

Thank you.

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