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June 17, 2020


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Lynn Hale

I have a trilogy DL2800 that's been installed on our HOA Clubhouse for over 3 years. We now need to be able to pull the data on what codes are accessing it and times. I have the DL software loaded and I have the ALPC12-U cable. Can I just load the codes already programmed in into the software or do i have to set everything up in the software and then reload all the users? I have the communications port all set and working but it doesn't seem to communicate with the lock when i plug it in.

Andy Phelps CRL, CAI

Sorry to say that if you have been programming the lock at the keypad, you will not be able to get a true event log because you will need to default the lock to be able to communicate with it.
The event log will remain in the lock once defaulted but once you upload to the computer, the user numbers may be wrong from what what programmed at the keypad.
If you want to know the users that entered from this point forward, add the users into the software, default the lock and program with the AL-PCI2-U cable.

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